The world it seems has not been able to keep itself immune from the Manga wave that has taken over Japan. But no one’s complaining, for riding the crest of the wave is the Bleach . An animated action-anime series aired on the television , Bleach has not only a sizeable fan following in Japan, but Bleach ratings are also one of the highest among the animated TV series in USA.

It is written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. In Japan, the animated television series is produced by Studio Pierrot. After gaining entry into the United States, Bleach was first aired by Cartoon Network. Since then, its popularity has only soared.

Bleach Plot

Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach. He is a fifteen year-old teenager, kind and caring. He possesses this uncanny ability to see spirits. One day, he has a chance encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, who is a Shinigami or a Death God. As a result of this encounter, Rukia transfers most of her supernatural strengths to Ichigo. Ichigo has thus become a Shinigami himself. As a result, she is left trapped in the mortal world and Ichigo is obliged to carry out the duties of a Death God.

Bleach is Ichigo’s journey to cleanse the world of “hollows” or evil spirits. He gives shelter to Rukia and takes over her duties of fending off the hollows and steering lost spirits to Soul Society, the land of redemption or the afterlife. He is aided by Soul Reapers and together they embark on a trail of blood and destruction. The fight is not easy. It is intense, the lights are blinding, and the odds are high. For Ichigo and his aides are pitted against terrorizing forces, capable of destroying mankind.

He has to also rescue Rukia, who is given a death sentence by the Soul Society for transferring her powers to a mortal.

Bleach: The Inspiration

Bleach draws from a diverse range of sources: from music to language, and from architecture to film. Bleach viewers will find it interesting to note that the action sequences have cinematic roots while Tite Kubo’s battle settings and weaponry draw inspiration from Saint Seiya, by Masami Kurumada. For the names of the spells and swords employed by the Soul Reapers, Kubo found inspiration from ancient Japanese literature. Bleach also makes use of Spanish terms.

Bleach: Spin-Offs

Bleach is a popular manages publication in Japan, selling over 50 million copies. The televised series too acquired immense popularity, featuring in the top ten lists of anime series in both Japan and the United States.

The overwhelming success of Bleach spawned a legacy of three feature films, countless video games, trading card games, and even a series if rock musicals. Bleach merchandise too have flooded the stores and are lapped by legions of die-hard enthusiasts. It seems the Bleach blitzkrieg is sustained.