Battlestar Gallactica (BSG)

Battlestar Gallactica(2003) is a science fiction that makes us question the world we live in, the loyalties that we keep and brings into focus what humanity means.

Battlestar Gallactica plot

In a distant galaxy lie The Twelve Colonies of Man, a civilization that has been at peace for some forty years with an empire of machines, the Cylons, who were created generations before as worker drones for mankind, but became independent, rose in rebellion, and launched war on their masters. Now, the Cylons have evolved into more human form, into machine-created biological beings, who seek to exterminate true biological humans. To this end they use a human scientist, Gaius, to help one of their infiltrators, known as #6, penetrate the Colonies’ master defense mainframes. The Galactica must lead 50,000 surviving humans on a quest for a new homeworld, where they must bear children to rebuild their race. First, however, the Galactica must lead surviving ships of the Colonies to a weapons deployment base within a spatial storm, a rendezvous that leaves them trapped when two Cylon base stars track them down and open fire.

A lone soldier is trapped on Cylon-occupied Caprica, having given up his seat on a transport for Baltar, as he believes that his own life is not as important. He struggles against the odds, trying to stay alive amid the hostile Cylons. He is surprised to learn that Sharon Valerii, the pilot of the transport, returned for him. However, the truth is that she is actually another human-form Cylon. Sharon and Helo spend the season trying to escape Caprica. Sharon also finds herself falling in love with her human target. The season ends with her pregnant and fighting to save his life.

Meanwhile, the copy of Sharon onboard Galactica (known as “Boomer”) has set off several bombs and engaged in other acts of sabotage. The season ends with a stunning turn of events after a successful mission to disable a Cylon base ship

Battlestar Gallactica music

Bear McCreary is the primary composer for the television series. He worked on the series until it reached its conclusion in 2009, scoring over 70 episodes. To date, four Battlestar Gallactica soundtrack albums have been released, and have garnered a great deal of critical acclaim. The Chicago Tribune‚Äôs Maureen Ryan hailed the music as “sensational” and “innovative”, Joanna Weiss of The Boston Globe praised McCreary as a “visionary composer” who did much to create “the rich atmosphere of Battlestar”, Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger described McCreary’s work on the show as “transcendent” and Variety said “Galactica offers some of the most innovative music on TV today.”

Battlestar Gallactica critical acclaim

Throughout its run, the series earned critical acclaim from Time Magazine, The National Review, Rolling Stone, Newsday, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune, and Entertainment Weekly. Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times praises the show’s ability to “anchor fantasy with vivid and recognizable human psychology” and declares that the series is “not just a cult hit but a significant piece of television.”

The American Film Institute added the show to its list of the ten best television shows of 2005. The show won Emmy Awards in the usual sci-fi categories of special visual effects but it also received Emmy nominations for writing and directing. It also won a prestigious Peabody award for its general excellence in creativity in the television medium.

Judith Barad, author of The Ethics of Star Trek, Indiana State University remarked that this intriguing volume is the first of its kind to explore Battlestar Galactica, from Cyclons to Starbuck, with great breadth and depth. Assembling a stellar fleet of terrestrial talent, Battlestar Gallactica and philosophy is indispensable to both fans and those who want to explore philosophical and theological issues in an entertaining way.”