Army Wives – General Information

Army Wives , which was premiered on Lifetime Television on 3rd June, 2007, is an American television show based on the non-fiction book originally titled Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives by Tanya Biank. It should however be noted that although some of the characters echo their real-life counterparts, there are significant differences between the television drama Army Wives and the book on which it is based upon. Consequently, the second and third seasons were premiered on 8th June, 2008 and 7th June, 2009.

Set at the fictional Fort Marshall in Charleston, South Carolina, this show portrays the lives of four army wives, their families, and an army husband whose wife is in the army.

Army Wives Plot

In the pilot season of the Army Wives, the four women – Roxanne (Roxy) LeBlanc, Claudia Joy Holden, Pamela Moran and Denise Sherwood, all become great friends, along with Dr. Roland Burton. The unlikely group bonds when Pamela, secretly acting as a surrogate to get her family out of debt, unexpectedly goes into labor and subsequently gives birth on the pool table in the bar where Roxy works. Pamela relies on these new friends to keep her family’s dire financial situation and thus, the surrogacy from being exposed. As the season progresses, the five friends go on to face things such as deployments, hostage situations, abuse, adultery, and the vicious rumors that surround them.

While the first season ends with Roland’s daughter, Amanda’s death in a bomb explosion, the second season begins with the aftermath of that event. As the death weighs on Roland and his wife, LTC Joan Burton; Roxy’s husband, Sergeant Trevor LeBlanc returns from Iraq – hailed as a hero, but injured. The second season also evokes drama with the return of Chase Moran, Pamella’s husband, only to be arrested and accused of being involved in a scheme to sell weapons for cash; and by putting a strain in Denise and her husband, Lt. Colonel Frank Sherwood’s fragile marriage

The third season began with a focus of Denise’s extra-marital affair, which Frank gets to know and ultimately results in their divorce. However, they later agree to make an attempt at reconciliation upon hearing the preacher talk about forgiveness when Joan and Roland bring the community together to celebrate the christening of their baby daughter Sarah Elizabeth. Another major sub-plot of the third season observes Emmalin Holden becoming rebellious towards her parents (Claudia Joy and General Michael Holden) and wondering why she was spared when her older sister, Amanda, was killed near the end of season one.

Army Wives – Conclusion

Although Army Wives would not be everyone’s idea of a good television show, it has developed more than just a fan following and has extended successfully online via fan posts and blogs. More so, for people who relate to being married to a soldier, who appreciates a show that is set in their world and expresses the fears, friendships and fights that army wives (and husbands) experience.