The American television series Angel is a sequel to the popular TV series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. The pilot episode of this show was telecasted on 5th October 1999 in United States of America. The show Angel falls under the genre of a fantasy thriller. The main attraction of the show was the frequent duels between the forces of good and evil. Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt already famous for Buffy the Vampire Slayer were the creators for this series. Most of the shooting for the show was done in Los Angeles and the production rights rested with the WB Network. The show had a total of five seasons with 111 episodes with 22 episodes in each season.

Angel plot

The story centers around the vampire Angelus better known as Angel, who is guilty of heinous crimes in the past. To seek redemption he moves from his hometown of Sunny Dale to Los Angeles. Here he comes across some of his old friends and together they form a team to fight against the prevailing evil in the city, whose citizens are often tormented by supernatural creatures. This series gives the audience a detailed insight into Angel’s past. He is shown as a vampire guilty of murdering one of the gypsies and had his human soul restored as a punishment for this crime. This restored soul fills him up with grief and remorse for what he has done which in turn prompts him to set up Angel Investigations, an organization dedicated to fight evil demons and allied humans mainly belonging to Wolfram and Hart which is a law firm.

Angel characters

The main protagonist of the show, Angel, was played by David Boreanaz who produced consistently good performances throughout the entire five seasons of the show. Then there was Allen Francis Doyle, played by Glenn Quinn who was a half demon, half human with a heroic trait. Cordelia Chase, played by Charisma Carpenter starts off as a person with selfish character but slowly develops as a true warrior against the evil forces. Alexis Denisof plays Wesley Wyndam-Pryce a demon hunter with a comic nature who is initially not well accepted within the group. Season two sees the entry of Charles Gunn, a demon hunter, played by J August Richards who takes time to adjust working under the leadership of a vampire. Amy Acker plays Winifred ‘Fred’ Buckle who joins the team after they rescued her from Pylea towards the end of season two. Andy Hallet plays Lorne a demon whose main responsibility is to support the team.

Angel awards and ratings

The fantasy thriller Angel received a number of awards and nominations during the five years of its telecast. International Horror Guild which is a body that recognizes best works in the field of horror all round the world awarded it the Best Television award in the year 2001. The show also received a number of Saturn awards given by Academy of Science Fiction. It was also awarded the best network television series in 2004. As far as the ratings are concerned, The Angel viewers rated this show a brilliant 8.6 out of 10 on the internet movie database, the most used rating website around the planet.