90210 is a popular teen drama series for the television. This program was developed by Rob Thomas, Gabe Sachs, and Jeff Judah. For the fourth series in Beverly Hills the franchise for 90210 was created by Darren Star. This is the series which was first produced by the CBS Productions as project undertaken for the re-launching of the company and at present the CBS Television Studios are the producer of this TV series.

This show was aired for the first time on The CW in United States and on Global in Canada on 2008 September along with a premiere event for the show with duration of 2 hours. The show is based on the Wilson family and several other rich teen students studying at the West Beverly Hills High.

90210 Plot

The plot of 90210 is based on the events surrounding the Wilson family. The Wilson family move from their Kansas home to their native place in Beverly Hills. Harry Wilson is the head of the family and he is back in Beverly Hills to look after his mother, Tabitha Wilson, an erstwhile television actress who suffers from a drinking problem. Harry’s two children Dixon and Annie are admitted to the West Beverly Hills High and the 90210 TV series also focuses on their interaction with the other teenagers some of whom are stinking rich. The kids in 90210 find it difficult to settle down in a new place, lead their life according to their parent’s wish and in making new friends.

90210 Characters

Annie Wilson is the protagonist of the TV serial 90210. She is an aspiring film actress portrayed by Shenae Grimes. Annie lives with her parents and Dixon, her adopted brother. Tristan Wilds plays the role of Dixon who is the best friend of Annie. He is of Afro-American origin who is conscious about living with white people. Harry Wilson and Debbie Wilson are Annie’s parents; roles are played by Robe Estes and Lori Loughlin. Naomi Clark is rich, spoilt and selfish who later becomes a good friend of Annie. Naomi’s character, played by AnnaLyne McCord, has different shades. Her boyfriend in the first season was Ethan Ward, played by Dustin Milligan, who is an athlete and now courts Annie. By the season finale, it is revealed that he has feelings for Erin Silver which she reciprocates.

90210: an overview

Being a spin off from the popular ten drama Beverly Hills 90210, the present day 90210 has had its fair share of fan following. The first season aired generated mixed reviews but viewer ratings were good enough for the show to continue. The second season is slated to begin on the 8th of September. Reports state that CBS will produce a third season as well according to plans currently in place. This means that long term fans of the original series will be able to get a taste of the life at West Beverly Hills high for quite some time to come. Whether the series matches up to the quality expectations set up by its predecessor is debatable but there can be no second question about the popularity of the show.