Satellite TV

It’s easy to take television service for granted. How it gets to our television sets is not something we care a great deal about. Most people want an affordable stream of entertainment beaming to their sets. For a lot of people, that means Satellite TV makes the most sense. Terrestrial cable TV is on the verge of becoming obsolete. With more channels, more options, and more service areas, satellite service is becoming the de facto choice of preference.


While most of your favorite sports and entertainment programs come at a cost, you can now opt for a variety of satellite channels. Get direct feeds to your 3G-enabled phone, computer stream, laptop, and more. The world is your oyster with our myriad of channels.

Dish TV

With dish service, it is now possible to get sports games, television programs, and even premiere movies beamed to your set. Before you can start beaming the best to your home, we can help you understand how the service works and what kind of hardware you will need for superior picture quality and optimum signal strength.

Digital TV

Digital Satellite TV has actually been around since 1994. But by the end of the 2009 calendar year, all television sets in the United States will be completely digital. The last days of analog sets are numbered. Though often associated with cable, digital satellite service is the new industry standard. With our Digital TV service, you will never miss your favorite shows or events.

Free TV

Does the cost of satellite service make it prohibitive? There is a number of free TV watching options, especially if you have high-speed Internet access. Aside from the assorted local and affiliate stations, you can play free television streams on your PC or Mac. We are dedicated to meeting all your entertainment needs, even when they cost nothing.

Live TV

A world of live entertainment is now available. Whether you are keen on watching from your living room or on your laptop, you can watch all the best live entertainment as it happens. Our satellite service is the service of choice, especially when it comes to catching your favorite football or soccer game as it’s played.

Online TV

If the prospect of having a satellite receiver drilled into roof or various rooms of your home run through with wire, you can opt for our exclusive online service. Our Online TV can be watched from any PC or Mac, desktop or laptop. With a simple modem you can have all our great channels beamed to your computer of choice.


With more than 56% of Americans paying for television service, it is easy to see how there is a market for people who are interested in ore cost-effective options. Our PC TV software can enable your PC or Mac to download or stream your favorite show or movie to you home or portable computer. Likewise, you can also access an unlimited number of music and video options.

TV Shows

Find your favorite television show among the Top 100 shows still on the air as of 2009. From sitcoms to police dramas to education shows and more, in all likelihood, your favorite show is on this list. Sit back, power-up your satellite direct dish and enjoy all the humor and high drama that has made television so popular.

Watch TV

It’s true; the average American spends 16% of his or her day watching television. It has become the medium of choice for entertainment, education, and information. For many families, it has become a member of the family. With our Satellite TV service, you can watch TV to your hearts content.