How To Install Satellite Direct on your PC

This article introduces the basic element on how to install the Satellite Direct on your PC/Laptop. Please follow these simple Instructions.

Step 1 - Double Click on the Setup.exe file which was downloaded when you purchased the Satellite Direct

Step 2 – When you double click it you would get a window like below, Click Next Button

Step 3 – On the Next Screen Please Read the LICENSE AGGREMENT, If you agree to the License Agreement , Click on “I accept the agreement” and then Click Next Button. If you do not then do not click on the “I accept the agreement” and the software will not install. To Install the software you must agree with the Accept the License Agreement

Step 4 – After Click Next at Step Number 3, This screen will Appear. Click BROWSE (FOR ADVANCE USERS ONLY) if you would like to install the software somewhere else on your Hard Disk. By Default and Recommended that it should be installed in Program Files Directory.

Click on Next Button to continue

Step 5 – After Click Next at Step Number 4, This screen will appear. Press Next Button. DO NOT CHANGE anything on this screen. This screen is meant only for Advance Users

Step 6 – After Click Next at Step Number 5, This screen will appear. This screen will ask you whether to Create Desktop and Qucik Launch Icons. To Create a Desktop Icon of Satellite Direct please select “Create a desktop icon”. To Create a Quick launch Icon, please select “Create a Quick launch icon”, Be default both would be selected.

Quick launch is a section which is placed next to windows “Start” button as below

Step 7 – After Click Next at Step Number 6, This screen will appear. Now the setup is ready to install the software. Click on “Install” button to install the software

Step 8 – After Click Next at Step Number 7, This screen will appear. This screen shows the status of installing Satellite Direct software on your PC/Laptop. It may take few seconds to get the software installed on your PC / Laptop depending upon the system configuration.

Step 9 –This screen will appear when the software has been installed completely on your PC /Laptop. Click on Finish to close the setup.

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