How To Update a Channel / Add Rating to Channel

Satellite Direct provides you with an option to Update the Channel OR it’s rating. The rating what you set or the channels comments are private (not shared) and is only visible to you. To update the channels or it’s rating please follow these steps

Step 1: Select the channel which would like to update or add/change the rating

Step 2: Right Click on the channel , a menu will open and then click on “Update Channel” or “Rate Channel” . A window will open as shown below

Step 3 Edit the channel rating or comments as and then click on “OK” button. Press “Cancel “if you would not like to update the channel.

What Does Rating Images denotes

Rating Images are best to describe the channels popularity. The more the colorfull the star is the higher popularity of the channel is

Rating 1 – 2 Popularity of the channel is not high. Only some percentage of the users watches these channels

Rating 3 – 4 Popularity of the channel is an average but not very high.

Rating 5 Popularity of the channel is high. It’s prefered by many users. Some user have bookmared these channels

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