How To Play Radio Channels on My PC /Laptop

This article introduces the basic element on how to play Radio channels. It’s very easy to convert your PC/Laptop to Home Theater Music System using Satellite Direct. To Play Radio Channels follow these Simple steps

Step 1 – Click on “Switch Radio” button at the top of the Satellite Direct as shown below in the image (marked as 1 in red color)

Step 2 – Satellite Direct has approx more than 3500 Channels and are updated regular. These channels has been catogarised according to the countries. To see the channel of any country, first select country. We have selected “ALL Countries” as shown in the image (marked as 2 in red color)

Step 3 – Selected Country’s channels would be loaded in the List (marked as 3 in red color). Since in step number 2 we had selected “ALL Countries” so the list is loaded with all the radio channels. The List Shows

Channel Rating - The List shows Rating of the Channel (How popular the channel is) The more colorfull the star image is the higher popularity of the channel is amoung the users.

Channel Name - Horizon TV, PAT are the channel names. You can scroll down to see more channels.

Genre – Type of channel, whether it’s a News Channel or for Kids, Movie, Music or Tv Shows.

Language – Each channel has a specific languge in which they broadcasts, For exmaple USA channels Language is in English, Germany channels languge are german and so on. Any country’s channel can have different Language Channels

Commnets – How the channel is. These comments are helpful for the family whether the channel is good for family or not or at what time does is broadcast billboard countdown and so on. (The comments can added by you which is DIsscussed later in the help)

Step 4: After selecting the Channel in the List, Click on PLAY button (marked as 4 in red color). PLEASE ALLOW 10-30 seconds (depedning upon your Internet Connection Speed) for Satellite Direct to connect to the Radio Station. You can also double click on the Channel to play it.

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